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Lewis Eady Music School is New Zealand's largest independent music educator, teaching instrumental music to students of all ages and levels of progress.  

We believe that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to learning so tuition is tailored to each individual.  We teach all genres of music - classical, pop, rock, jazz and we recognise that each student has different aspirations for their musical journey. 

Our teachers are motivated, committed, musically qualified and love sharing their knowledge - musicians teaching music!  Together with our efficient support team, you can be sure you will be welcomed and looked after.

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TERM 3 - 22 July to 28 September

TERM 4 - 14 October to 6 December
- no lessons 26-28 October (Labour Weekend)

(Great South Road lessons finish December 14)


TERM 1 - 10 February to 9 April
(Great South Road lessons start 3 February)

TERM 2 - 28 April to 4 July
- no lessons 30 May-1 June (Queens Birthday)

TERM 3 - 20 July to 26 September

TERM 4 - 12 October to 11 December
- no lessons 24-26 October (Labour Weekend)

(Great South Road lessons finish 19 December)

I just wanted to tell you how much my son has improved this year with you as his teacher. He is really inspired to learn and practice - probably because he is learning songs that he likes! It has made a huge difference to his enthusiasm for guitar and it is great to see him practicing just because he wants to. So thank you for your wonderful teaching skills.
— Christine Broderick (parent)
I have loved going back to piano lessons after thirty years! I learned piano as a child and although I only learned for a couple of years it was amazing how much I remembered as an adult when I took up lessons again. I enjoy working on new pieces every week and look forward to my lesson.
With two young children around I find that playing the piano in the home brings a lot of joy and fun. It also provides me with a different and creative focus. I would highly recommend taking up any instrument as an adult!
— Fiona Mogridge (piano student)