Carefully Curated Pre-loved Grand Pianos


From time to time Lewis Eady will selectively stock secondhand grand pianos which we believe offer excellent value.
Often sold on behalf of former customers or specially brought into New Zealand, these pianos are tuned and serviced as needed.



Boston GP193PE, 2011

The most popular size in the Boston grand range, this particular instrument has had very little play and has been well looked after by its owner.

Comes pre-installed with a humidity control system, protecting it from the undesirable effects of extreme and/or fluctuating humidity.

The 6’4” size gives this piano a rich and powerful sound, making it highly suitable for teaching studios and pianists of every level.

Bosendorfer 200, 1956

This much-loved grand is being reluctantly sold on consignment.

A typical example of a vintage Bosendorfer, it has a very powerful brilliance and light touch because of the popular Schwander-type mechanism. Still with the original 3-piece ivory keys.


Steinway C-227 - matt finish

Steinway C-227, Semi Concert Grand Piano, 2001

Fully serviced and in excellent condition.

A remarkable example of one of Steinway's biggest grands (second only to the D), this C-227 comes in an atypical matte black finish as opposed to the standard black gloss. Having been in storage for most of its life, this piano has been well-maintained and has had little-to-no play whatsoever.