Whether you are looking to enrol your child in music lessons or take up an instrument yourself for the first time, to improve your current playing level, or to re-discover a hidden talent, our team of teachers are here to help!


Our Music School is located at 75 Great South Road, Epsom. Lessons take place on weeknights and Saturdays.
On Saturdays in 2018, we will also be teaching music at St Paul's College, Richmond Road, Ponsonby.  All ages and stages welcome!


MUSICAL JAM - Years 1 & 2 at school

(Saturdays only)
Our instrumental prep course which awakens and nurtures a love of active music-making in children.

TERM FEES: $175 per child

Based on the Orff-Schulwerk* method of teaching, this programme incorporates singing, movement, ensemble playing and experimentation on instruments children love to play - xylophones, hand-drums, maracas and more.  Improvisation is also encouraged which develops each child's individual creativity.

Musical Jammers learn to 'feel the beat' and the fundamentals of music in this fun, supportive environment.They then have an easy, enjoyable transition to an instrument in year 3 at school.

*Orff-Schulwerk is an approach to music education, which uses songs, movement, rhymes, clapping games, poetry and stories drawn from the imaginative and cultural world of the child.  Children improvise, compose and invent their own music using tuned and untuned percussion instruments.



At our Music School located in Great South Road, Epsom, (and from February 2018 onwards at St Paul's College, Ponsonby) we offer individual tuition in a wide range of instruments.  We teach all styles - classical, jazz and contemporary music and offer a full range of instruments including: 

TERM FEES: Individual (one-on-one) $350 based on a 10 week term

• Guitar minimum age year 3 at school
• Piano minimum age year 1 at school
• Ukulele minimum age year 2 at school
• Singing minimum age year 3 at school
• Drum kit minimum age year 4 at school
• Violin minimum age year 1 at school
• Recorder minimum age year 2 at school
• Music Theory minimum age year 2 at school
• Clarinet minimum age year 4 at school
• Flute minimum age year 4 at school
• Saxophone minimum age year 4 at school
• Trumpet minimum age year 4 at school
• Trombone minimum age year 4 at school
• Bass Guitar minimum age year 6 at school


Group lessons – year 3+ at school

(Saturdays only)
St Pauls College, Richmond Road, Ponsonby

We are delighted to be joining forces with St Paul's College to bring a new Saturday Music School to Ponsonby.
Commencing on Saturday, 17 February through to the 24th November.
All ages and stages welcome!

Options to learn music in either a large group (6 students), a small group (3 students) or in one-on-one lessons, a full range of instruments are available. 

Each student will be offered the opportunity to take part in the Allcomers Modern Orchestra which will rehearse each Saturday at 2pm, with other group performance options also available during the year.

TERM FEES: large group $87.50 | small group $175 | one-on-one $350


Regular practice is an essential part of learning so you will need access to an instrument while enrolled in individual lessons.
You can rent or buy most instruments through our retail store - call in, phone 09 524 4119 or email us.

I have loved going back to piano lessons after thirty years! I learned piano as a child and although I only learned for a couple of years it was amazing how much I remembered as an adult when I took up lessons again. I enjoy working on new pieces every week and look forward to my lesson.

With two young children around I find that playing the piano in the home brings a lot of joy and fun. It also provides me with a different and creative focus. I would highly recommend taking up any instrument as an adult!
— Fiona Mogridge (piano student)
Lewis Eady Music School