Dear Hub Teachers,

Happy new year! We hope you all have had a fabulous summer break!
Lewis Eady has opened its doors and things are in swing once again…


Now that everyone is back at school and lessons are underway, a reminder that as a Hub member you qualify for a 15% discount on music books with free shipping over $50.

If you also have students that are in desperate need of a new piano we have a new shipment of Steinway-Family Essex and Boston uprights coming through in mid-January.

If they need to UPGRADE to a better piano we can also look at a trade-in.

This is a great opportunity for them to start the year off right – contact john@lewiseady.co.nz if your student needs help with pianos.

back to school


The NZ International Young Artists Festival debuted this January and the Lewis Eady showroom played host to many gifted talents.

A reminder that if you’d like to use the showroom as a venue to contact lectadmin@lewiseady.co.nz to secure your spot.  


Digital Pianos – a necessary evil?


Many of you will know that I am not in favour of students learning on a digital pianos however sometimes there is simply no other option – whether due to lack of budget, space or noise.

Like acoustic pianos there are varying qualities of digital pianos.

My favourite is the new Dexibel range of digitals. Designed and manufactured by the Roland team in Italy. These are a ‘no compromise’ piano with what I feel is the best sound and touch on the market.

For your students we are doing a “back to school“ offer on the Dexibel H1 digital piano.

Normally $2990.
Now $2500.
Includes an adjustable keyboard bench