Dear Respected Hub Teachers,

With the end of the year in sight we hope that you come out the other side with all your hairs intact! Good luck to all your students participating in examinations and end of year recitals.


It’s sale time at Lewis Eady! Officially, our sale is only two days (30 Nov and 1 Dec), but for your students we’d like to offer them the sale prices starting today.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get either a new piano or to upgrade to a better one as these are the best prices we are doing all year.


This is an extremely busy time at Lewis Eady for showroom events. A quick reminder of our Lewis Eady Charitable Trust 10th Anniversary events which you have FREE attendance for:

Thu 15 Nov – Anya Maksymova
Wed 28 Nov – Siyu Sun

Wed 19 Dec – Lorelle McNaughton

Flavio Villani is also hosting a recital in our showroom - Life and Myths