When Lewis Eady decided to start importing second hand pianos from Japan it was done with significant care. After careful research, we decided to take a leaf out of the car industry's book - think Signature Class Toyota. Much time and effort was put in to ensuring we only received the very best quality instruments.

The first step – we only accept pianos that are of A-grade quality in all aspects. They have to be structurally sound, but they also have to look good! Pianos that have been subjected to high humidity or poor maintenance are rejected. We only accept Japanese made Kawai and Yamaha pianos that are younger than 30 years as Sonata Series instruments; most are younger than 25 years.

The second step – we send independent piano technicians into the factory to inspect those pianos that make the initial cut. Of these pianos any that don’t come back as ‘recommended’ or ‘highly recommended’ are rejected.

The third step – once the pianos arrive in New Zealand they are subjected to further inspection, regulation, setup and tuning as required by Auckland’s top piano workshop. Up to half a day is spent on each piano. All this to ensure that you receive a top quality instrument, in top condition, for the best possible price.

Lewis Eady offers all Sonata Series pianos with a ten year warranty.


We consistently have a range of Sonata Series pianos in stock.

Please visit the showroom or contact us to enquire about what is currently available.