Working with these wonderful woods gives me great pleasure. Every Crown Jewel instrument is unique and valuable. In the end it tells its own personal story.
— Andreas Rolle, Tischler bei Steinway & Sons



The Steinway Crown Jewel collection is an exclusive series of spectacular grand and upright pianos that feature particularly fine veneers. High-quality Macassar Ebony, East Indian Rosewood, Bubinga, and Amber Wood are all available for grand pianos, whereas Pommelé Mahogany and Indian Apple are the standard veneers for upright pianos. 

The veneers are meticulously put together with great artistic skill by Steinway experts. Each instrument is therefore a precious and unique masterpiece. To emphasise this uniqueness, a flawless diamond is embedded in the keyboard lid of each Crown Jewel grand or upright piano. The accompanying certificate is presented to the owner together with other documents, including a high-quality book and DVD about how the instruments were created and an invitation to attend an exclusive tour of the Steinway factory in Hamburg. These papers are presented in an elegant box made from the same veneer of the instrument. 

For me, it’s exciting and challenging to be able to work with these extraordinary woods. New veneer landscapes are always appearing and I can’t help falling into a kind of daydream when I think about the distant countries they come from – I almost feel like I’ve been there.
— Christian Lang, Tischler bei Steinway & Sons


The Steinway Crown Jewels are available in all sizes of the Steinway & Sons product range. Discover the fascinating world of these elegant and precious grand and upright pianos.

The world of Steinway Crown Jewels reveals unexpected dimensions and plenty of room for dreams – be inspired with our Crown Jewels e-Book.

When you worked for a long time on one instrument, it actually hurts a little when it leaves the Steinway factory ... It feels almost as though your own child is moving away.
— Markus Taubitz, Tischler bei Steinway & Sons
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